Nightflyer Netflix series - otherwise quite good, but it bothers me a spaceship is named Nightflyer! There's no night in space, or day or evening for that matter. Why call a spaceship something specifically pertaining to planetside experience? I've watched only a few chapters so far, and maybe there will be a reasonable explanation later. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about other things besides night which are meaningless or don't exist in space. Come to think of it, should there be another wor for moving around in space besides flying? Flying naturally calls to mind the surface above which the flying thing moves. But perhaps the original meaning will be forgotten. Flying will mean the same as moving, and there will be a special term for moving in a gravity well, whether by foot or machine, on ground, in air or under water.

There is no time in space, or more specifically, no cyclic time. Days, months and years have no meaning. Those are all planet-bound units of time. Perhaps the Galaxy doing a full rotation is cause for celebrations, but that happens so rarely entire species evolve, gain intellect, launch into space, accomplish amazing things, then go extinct, before a whole galactic rotation is completed. Seconds are the same as ever, but where to start counting them?

There are no seasons. Never does spring arrive in space. Or it would be spatial instead of chronological; getting closer to a star is spring, going further from it autumn. Winter in deep space between stars. It's so lovely and optimistic when moving towards a free energy source. Mineral-rich asteroids keep popping up. The long austere winter of cold and empty void is over! Then it's stable summer in orbit around the star for as long as you want, basking in the warmth and light. But eventually, you have to move again, it's time for melancholy goodbyes and diminishing energy. Perhaps going into deep storage and leaving only the essential systems running, or utilising some other energy conservation measures. Autumn is seeing the star you just recently orbited growing smaller and dimmer, until it's not distinguishable from the background starfield anymore.