If text generating algorithms keep on improving, we'll soon get all the books we've ever dreamt of but probably no longer the ones we have not thought of. Any crossover in any genre-mix with whatever picky and particular restrictions the reader comes up with, re-done in a matter of minutes of the reader is not satisfied with the first iteration. Writers can all retire, but editors will be more needed than ever. Someone needs to come up with a monetizing plan to benefit editors, and ideators, and shifters looking for gold in the endless flow of dross.

I can come up with a few prompts right away.

1) Neverending stream of new Culture novels. Like printing money if they are any good. But probably just causing a an uneasy sadness. I wonder how it feels to be truly moved by a computer-generated text for the first time.

2) Raven Stratagem series but with less characters and more semiotics. Also, even more textiles. Textiles part should be easy, but coming up with new abstract concepts with any coherence not happening soon.

3) Murderbot in Three Body Problem. I prompted Talk to Transformer with 2 sentences and it generated something pretty plausible for a first try. 

Murderbot listened to the speech about impending attack of the aliens from the far-away, unfortunate planet pulled by merciless gravity from three sides. No more humans, no more telenovelas – that sounded bad. But it was really good because he liked good television. It was good enough, anyway.  There were more telepaths around, so he knew that they would not be too much trouble.  He watched as the robot's eyes narrowed, its head tilted slightly upward, and it looked towards the sky. The aliens had made some kind of distress call to the nearest planetary defense force, a few thousand light-years away, and were in desperate need of help. Kuruk was there, on his way to the planet. Kuruk would help them. Kuruk had always helped others, no matter what. Kuruk was a good man. Good enough, in fact, for a murderer robot to be interested in him.

(not bad, looking forward to reading more about this Kuruk dude, telepaths a bit unnecessary addition but I guess that's where the editing comes in. A proper Versificator should have sophisticated but simple to use interface for removing unwanted content and dialing characters' attributes up and down.)