Got into Mandalorian even though I had - for I don’t even know for how manyth time - thought that it’s finally over between the Star Wars franchise and me. I really thought after the last film of the last trilogy that I can finally put that chapter of my life behind me. Hah. What chance has my puny brain compared to all the might of a billion dollar industry?!? 


This time, through instinct or clever interpretation of marketing surveys the SW franchise, aims expertly and directly below belt: right in my ovaries. Pow kaboom! Short episodes, elevating the struggles of a busy career parent into an heroic storyline and most importantly, the cutest character everrrr seen on screens small or big. It’s engineered for those moments when kids are finally asleep and there’s going to be another workday way too soon but some escapism, excitement and satisfaction is needed. Baby Yoda, oh! Cute appeal bypassing all rational sense, tickling the brain parts that just want to nurture and protect helpless, tiny creatures. 


It’s like the character department managed to create a cross between Baby Groot and the Hypnotoad from Futurama. Baby Yoda makes gruff and sensible Mandalorian ignore the protection of the foundling kids in his nest, and nobody begrudges him for it, neither in-story nor in the audience, since it makes complete sense. Any other kids just pale into insignificance compared to the wrinkly green ball of adorableness that’s Baby Yoda. Those little nose wrinklings and his little hands that don’t even reach the top of his head, awww! Are Yodas actually sort of cuckoos that prey on the nurturing instincts of humanoids? It’s lucky they are so rare. 


No wonder the Empire is after him as well – if they have Baby Yoda on their side, everyone will just follow him and they’ll hardly even need stormtroopers and all that machinery anymore. Fear and lust for power is a powerful motivation, but there’s much to be said for harnessing the power of cute. A baby Yoda dictator could bend a nation to his will just by looking a bit disappointed. Don’t cry, baby Yoda! I will kill the insurgents! I will bomb the civilians if you just smile a little bit! Anything to make you feel happy and safe!