maanantai, 18. kesäkuu 2018

SF or F?

Back from a science fiction convention. Lots of interesting program, many interesting people, plenty of interesting discussion. Like: Is N K Jemisin's trilogy science fiction or fantasy? I was pretty amazed when I heard this question. I had not considered it could be anything but science fiction. Yes, some characters have powers not explainable by current science, but so what. We'd be left with just a tiny crumb of the huge body of work science fiction is, if we were totally rigorous with that demand. It's (imo) perfectly allowable to have the biological equivalent of handwavium that makes spaceships fly from galaxy to another in a matter of hours.
For some, the telekinetic powers in The Fifth Season place the book in fantasy genre. For me, the divide that separates fantasy and science fiction has little to do with actual science. It's geographical. Or geometrical. Fantasy is a genre of fiction that happens on a flat plane. The plane may have high mountains and deep chasms, but overall, it does not curve into a planet. Once the important 'fantasy map' does not conform to the flat paper page, but would require a sphere to present it accurately, we find ourselves in the science fiction genre, regardless of any seemingly magical powers, elves, curses, dwarves, princesses and prophesies. Fantasy happens in the classic Euclidean universe, in which the Sun circles the flat plane of the world, stars are pretty fairy lights, and things are made of the four elements (or five, or whatever) instead of atoms. There just are no molecules in fantasy. And no galaxy clusters. It's a human-scale universe. Science fiction happens in a non-Euclidean universe which on a fundamental level operates under the same conditions as our world.

Thus is this age-old question settled. Now I will take a nap.


torstai, 31. toukokuu 2018

Post-Deadpool 2 notes

Wade Wilson has to be a bit bi; it fits the character to be rowdy and handsy and not take 'no' seriously, but these days it just won't do to grope women's butts without prior consent. Hence, it's Cable's or Colossus's iron buns that get Deadpool fingerprints all over them.

I did the research for you; the bollywood song in Dopinder's taxi is from 2004 movie Swades, a heart-warming story about an Indian scientist living in the US who returns to his homeland and begins to improve living conditions in backward villages. So pretty close match to Deadpool 2! Emotional similarities between the two movies are astounding! The song Yun Hi Chala Chal is also set in a car, Sharukh Khan driving, so that's how Dopinder sees himself maybe? Or then the song was picked just because the rights were easier to negotiate than most bollywood songs, like some Indian movie gossip sites suggested.

I was pretty happy about Mojo World being mentioned (even if it was only in a single line by a throwaway character). Maybe we'll get Mojoverse stories on silver screen too some day! Spiral and Longshot – I demand they keep his mullet just as it was in 1989! – and Mojo himself! Psylockes's eyes! X-babies!

sunnuntai, 20. toukokuu 2018

Kehdon takaa kuiskaa ääni

Ota korpinsilmäinen vaihdokas syliisi. Miksikö? Minä kerron.

Keijuruhtinaiden luonto on alati piinata alamaisiaan. Vuorenalisen maailman asukkaat tuntevat tuskaa aivan samoin kuin sinäkin. On tärkeää, että ymmärrät tämän. Vain ajankulu on siellä toinen – silmänräpäys täällä, päiviä siellä.

Jatkuvaan kärsimykseen voisi turtua. Mutta keijuruhtinaat ovat taitavia. Kerran vuosituhannessa maailmojen välinen muuri ohenee, ja keijut huvittelevat ihmisten kustannuksella: varastavat vauvoja, vievät vaimoja, houkuttelevat sulhaset lumouksilla luokseen. Vaihdokkaan he valitsevat alamaistensa joukosta. Tuo vähäinen mahdollisuus pakoon pitää sydämen vereslihalla.

Tee oikein. Salli vaihdokkaan jäädä luoksesi. Mitä sitten, jos sinulta viety lapsi kituu vaihteeksi vuoren alla. Yhtä ansiotta hän on vapauteen syntynyt kuin vaihdokas kärsimykseen.


A whisper from behind the cradle

Hold the raven-eyed changeling tenderly against your heart. Why? I'll explain.

Fairy nobles are cruel masters, they delight in torture. Their subjects feel pain just like humans, but time is different in fairyland. An eyeblink here means days there.

If only it was just the pain! But every thousand years this world and fairyland connect. Fairy nobles play with humans: steal babies, swap one of their subjects instead. This slim chance of escape hurts the most.

Do what's right. Allow the changeling to stay. It deserves happiness no less than your stolen child. To resque one is to condemn another.

keskiviikko, 16. toukokuu 2018

Pre-Deadpool 2 notes

It may be heretical to say this, and I'm so not going to do it in public, but I may like Deadpool marketing, Deadpool fan videos, Deadpool memes and generally all Deadpool surrounding media more than the movies themselves...

His gender-messing gestures make me pretty happy.

I used to like in comics how he was delusional, thinking he's in a comic book. In the movies the 4th wall is blasted into oblivion, but this aspect is missing.

keskiviikko, 9. toukokuu 2018


There was this movie, but it has also happened in books, and tv series and so on: she finally finds out the truth about herself, and it is shocking! Terrible! It turns her world upside down! It makes her question everythng about herself! For she is a clone, a genetic copy of someone else, and not an original DNA composition. Hands shaking, tears in eyes, a scream forming in her throat.

Being a clone in popular culture is usually accompanied by being lied to and being used for some highly suspect purpose, or having a depressingly short lifespan, which is understandably distressing. But it seems to me that the being clone, apart from any practical considerations, is supposed to cause some kind of existential terror. Like, why? Everyone has DNA and it's pretty important, but if it's OK quality DNA, what does it matter if there are others with the same string of G's and T's and A's and so on? It's not like it was our own anyway, apart from the occasional mutation. It's been passed from generation to generation since the dawn of life, combined and split and combined and split.

It would be unpleasant to find out I've been lied to or been used as a test subject without permission, but the actual being clone part... doesn't bother me at all. It would be actually quite interesting to meet others with exactly the same genetic make-up but different upbringing! I wonder if we'd get along or would we irritate each other? Would we have ended up making eerily similar choices like some separated at birth identical twins? It would answer many questions I have about myself. Heck, I sort of wish I was a clone. We could share a wardrobe! Share tips on overcoming our inherited faults! It would be awesome!