A young woman with magical skills has to cross mighty waves of an ocean by herself, tame a dangerous wild creature with a beautiful mane, and her grandpa is evil. 

Sounds like Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker but is also Frozen II, another popular Disney franchise. I wonder why raging sea is featured in two mega movies recently? Is it because of some new 3D program addition that makes rendering waves easier? Or is it because the concept of dangerous sea is these days linked to sea level rise and climate change (and thus more likely to trigger distress in women)? Mere co-incidence possible but highly unlikely.

The latest Star Wars was OK but I found myself thinking at times that I may have lost the ability to be emotionally moved by cinema. However, Frozen II reminded me it's not that difficult to press certain mental buttons and produce an emotional response. I mean of course it takes skill. But I was not particularly emotionally invested in this animation, and yet was made to feel ... I'm not sure what's this emotion, it's just there in the body, mixture of slightly teary/excited/moved.
I don't exactly like being made to feel emotional like that, from a combination of high-pitched sounds, fast paced movement and certain keywords/themes (motherhood death loss forever nostalgia memories child lonely breaking free). It's just a reaction, like adrenaline rush after being jump scared. I sort of feel Frozen II did not earn the right to manipulate my feels like that, though I can't pinpoint why not. It had as much content as one can demand from a sequel of a popular animation film, even more actually. And those feels are what people generally go to see movies for. Ehh, I'm just being difficult.